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We have had some comments sent to us, we would like to share a few...

Tom.. one Word AWESOME>> my son chris got a set today.. we installed on a foamy.. and let me tell u.. we are ordering more tomorrow. i am a dealer.. seems i will be selling a ton of these for you.. we are making a video .. as soon as we get some installed on the 33% yak. also installed some on the r.c boat.. with these lights.. you can run anything after dark .. they are AWESOME!!!!!! joel

Glad to hear they work out well and ya'll are happy with them!

WOW!!!, What a difference these make. I have been doing some Night Fly'in for about a year and a half. I put together some led rigs myself with leds I got from ebay. What a waste of my time and money. These are so simple, even a caveman could do it, lol. Where were you a year ago??? Could of saved me alot of money and aggravation. When I get a chance, I can email you some pictures if you want. thanks, Steven

Cool Steven, Yes, send pics, I will try to post them. I too wasted a lot of money on systems that just didn't cut it. You gotta have the right set of LEDs and systems to put them together. Enjoy!

"Congrats guys! I saw your systems at work on Friday night at Joe Nall and was very impressed. I've passed your info along to some of the guys at our local field (Azalea City Model Aeronautics, Mobile/Irvington, AL). I also got some great ""Light Streak"" shots that night if you're interested. Those photos will also appear in the RCU Magazine coverage of the event. TJ"

Check those pictures out, they are definitely art!  Great shots TJ.

"Hey there, I picked up some of these from you at SEFF, man was I blown away at how bright these things are! I picked up two more sets at the Nall and now all my friends back here at home are jealous, your plug and play idea is just brilliant! I asked my local hobby shop to get in touch with you, we have a lot of night fliers around here trying to do their own setups, they don't even come close. Thanks again for a Great Product!!! D.S."

That's pretty much what I hear from everybody that has tried our systems, pure satisfaction. Glad you like them DS.

You can directly email us at