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06/2012 Website continues to be updated and product information entered for almost all of our line. Photo and Video Gallery is next.

05/2012 We spent an entire week at the Joe Nall Giant Scale event in Woodruff SC as both Vendors, Pilots and Campers. The Nightflying continues to grow and grow. This is one event every RC Pilot should attend at least once!

04/2012 We were a vendor and pilot all week at the Southeastern Electric Fun Fly, otherwise known as SEFF. It is held yearly at Mac Hodges field in Georgia.

03/2012 We had all of our products on display and for sale at the largest RC swap meet in the world held in Perry, Ga.

03.21.2012 We are getting ready for SEFF Week and Joe Nall Week 2012. We are constantly testing and looking into other LED lighting system applications for us in the RC hobby.

05.17.2010 NEW and Just released, the GIANT SCALE Lighting System, for planes sized from 23%'s all the way up to 40%er's.The Giant Scale systems light up the Plane and provide navigation lights as well. We have very few in stock and will custom make these for specific applications. Contact us for more information at

01.06.2010 RC Radio Network is online and broadcasting with Live shows every Tuesday at 8:30pm EST. AfterDark LED was proud to be a Guest for the 1st show of 2010. You can get a downloadable copy of the full show here, and a condensed version of just the AfterDarkLED interview here.

Picked up a new plaything at Perry from the fine people at Atlanta Hobby, and of course, I couldn't resist lighting it up...

An Extreme Flight 48" MXS


The newest offering from AfterDarkLED will be the 1/10 scale Short Course Truck Multicolor underbody lighting kits. We have the Headlight / Taillight setups as well! These are remote controlled RGB tri-color setups.

We just got back from the biggest RC swap meet in the world at Perry Georgia. Met quite a few very nice folks. Hooked many up with LED systems for their planes.

We were happy to attend the Flying Tigers RC Club Event of the Year in Lake City SC, September 2010. Had a blast, did tons of nightflying and saw some very cool demo flights including Gary Ward and his Full Scale MX2...

AfterDarkLED popped in to the RC Radio Network on July 13th for a few minutes via the phone lines to discuss the upcoming Event Of The Year put on by and held at the Flying Tigers RC Club in Lake City SC coming up on September 25th 2010.

For the condensed version of the show audio that covers the event, right click here and "save target as".

Don't forget to check out their website at for the event


the RC Radio Network for past shows and live classic rock music 24/7.

AfterDarkLED is proud to Sponsor the Night Flying at NEFI, the National Electric Fly In held at the AMA facilities in Muncie Indiana.

We are back to normal shipping schedules and updating our website to make it better.

Please note that during the following dates we will be out of town at events and will have to change our shipping schedules to accommodate.

Orders placed druing the week of April 18th thru the 25th will not ship out until April the 26th or 27th.

Orders placed druing the week of May 9th thru the 16th will not ship out until April the 17th or 18th.

Joe Nall 2010 Update

We spent the entire week at Joe Nall 2010. Stan, a photographer was there and caught a couple of pictures of my night flyers. (Pictures courtesy of

We lit up our Mini Ultra Stick on Floats with a Sport Flyer 60 LED systems on the Plane and 2 Strips of Xtreme Triple chip LEDs inside the floats.

Here is a video of our Giant Scale LED setup on the 87" Electric BME Edge540 flown by 16yr old pilot Christopher Jones from Lake City SC. He did an awesome job on a plane he was very unfamiliar with!!!


AfterDarkLED will be a vendor at the Joe Nall Giant Scale meet #28, May 9-16, 2010. If you are attending, stop by and say hello.

We plan on displaying during the day and flying at night.


AfterDarkLED will be a vendor at the Southeast Electric Flight Festival (SEFF) April 20-25, 2010. If you are attending, stop by and say hello.


AfterDarkLED was at the Perry Swap Meet 2010 and we enjoyed meeting a lot of fellow night flyers.


We were pleased to be the 1st Guest on the RCRN for the year 2010!

You can download a copy of the show in it's entirety here

Or download a condensed copy of only the AfterDarkLED interview here

(Right click and "Save target as")

AfterDarkLED is proud to be a sponsor of the RC Radio Network.

A live aviation broadcast where you can participate via interactive chats, phone calls, and multimedia visuals. The only live, interactive broadcast on the internet for pilots and Drivers. Shows host interesting guests from all facets of aviation and they are here to meet you personally. Listen in and be a part of the action.


A Mercury Moment captured at Joe Nall 2009 by Cliff Whitney from

It is a banner ad from the RC Radio Network.

You can now find us on Twitter as AfterDarkLED and on Facebook as

Dave Herbert, who wrote articles back in the early 80's for the AMA Magazine has produced a couple of very nice, quality videos of his review and install of our AfterDarkLED systems.

You can check them out on our Video page or on his YouTube channel,

We now have several dealers where you can get our lighting systems if they are local to you, or direct through their websites... in Atlanta Georgia

CJ's Hobby Shop in Lake City South Carolina

Flightline Hobbies in Summerville South Carolina

Hobby Hangar in Chantilly Virginia 

Some pictures of Night Flying at Joe Nall 2009 have been posted on R/C Universe Magazine, some of the planes have our LED systems on them.

You can check the pictures out here >>> R/C Universe Magazine

Received some pictures and videos from a R/C Club in Lake City SC, the Flying Tigers who have turned night flying into a pretty popular event. They line the runway with rope light for definition and fly a whole gaggle of planes all lit up. I don't think any 2 planes run the exact same layout, they have customized and added on to the lighting setups and made them the way they want. I guess design and installation flexibility is another great feature of our LED systems! These boys know how to have some fun!

You can see the videos and a couple of pictures here.

It is summertime in the South and that means temperatures climbing into the triple digits in the daytime, luckily as night falls, so does the temperature and the wind. That has allowed and made for a lot of great night flying to take place. Several clubs have started their own night flying days, some are even incorporating camping and cooking out into the mini-events. Nothing like flying in the evening, hanging out with friends, cooking out and telling tall tales, then sleeping out and getting up the next day to get in some great daytime flying as well. 

Website Comments are starting to come in... here are just a couple...

Tom.. one Word AWESOME>> my son chris got a set today.. we installed on a foamy.. and let me tell u.. we are ordering more tomorrow. i am a dealer.. seems i will be selling a ton of these for you.. we are making a video .. as soon as we get some installed on the 33% yak. also installed some on the r.c boat.. with these lights.. you can run anything after dark .. they are AWESOME!!!!!! joel

Glad to hear they work out well and ya'll are happy with them!

WOW!!!, What a difference these make. I have been doing some Night Fly'in for about a year and a half. I put together some led rigs myself with leds I got from ebay. What a waste of my time and money. These are so simple, even a caveman could do it, lol. Where were you a year ago??? Could of saved me alot of money and aggravation. When I get a chance, I can email you some pictures if you want. thanks, Steven

Cool Steven, Yes, send pics, I will try to post them. I too wasted a lot of money on systems that just didn't cut it. You gotta have the right set of LEDs and systems to put them together. Enjoy!

"Congrats guys! I saw your systems at work on Friday night at Joe Nall and was very impressed. I've passed your info along to some of the guys at our local field (Azalea City Model Aeronautics, Mobile/Irvington, AL). I also got some great ""Light Streak"" shots that night if you're interested. Those photos will also appear in the RCU Magazine coverage of the event. TJ"

Check those pictures out, they are definitely art!  Great shots TJ.

"Hey there, I picked up some of these from you at SEFF, man was I blown away at how bright these things are! I picked up two more sets at the Nall and now all my friends back here at home are jealous, your plug and play idea is just brilliant! I asked my local hobby shop to get in touch with you, we have a lot of night fliers around here trying to do their own setups, they don't even come close. Thanks again for a Great Product!!! D.S."

That's pretty much what I hear from everybody that has tried our systems, pure satisfaction. Glad you like them DS.

Website update

The online store is up and running. I will do shipping through USPS or UPS and accept payments through PayPal.

Our online store should be up and running by next week for those that wanted to order. More stock just arrived and hopefully will be ready for shipping next week as well.

S.E.F.F. and Joe Nall 2009

We want to say thank you to all of you that stopped by and saw us at SEFF & Joe Nall. We had a blast! We got in a ton of night flying, sometimes until 3:00 in the morning at SEFF, and we flew on all 3 of the plane flightlines at the Nall.

 We were overwhelmed at the interest in our New Plug and Play systems, so much so that we sold out on Thursday Night at the Nall, the official 1st day of the event. We made another run for more product on Friday morning and think we got everybody taken care of.

We outfitted numerous planes with complete LED setups in under 15 minutes each, with no soldering involved. One plane took less than 10 minutes to completely light up and it was in the air!!!