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Giant Scale

CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER  - Contact us for info

Extremely bright system consists of 114 triple chip white L.E.D.'s and 42 single chip L.E.D.'s for a total of 384 L.E.D.'s. Currently we only take custom orders for these. Please contact us for more info.

(1) Left wingtip module (1) Right wingtip module (2) Tail modules

Each wingtip module is a 6 legged starburst shaped section with the legs joined together by a common mounting hub, with 4 legs of 9 triple chip white L.E.D.'s (Angled) and 2 legs of 6 triple chip white L.E.D.'s (straight). Outside of the mounting hub is 15 single chip L.E.D.'s in red or green.

(2) Vertical stabilizer lighting modules consisting of (6) up and (3) down triple chip white L.E.D.'s facing inwards to the tail and (6) yellow single chip L.E.D.'s facing outwards.

Modules are constructed out of lightweight high strength carbon fiber. System comes in it's own storage/transport foam lined case.

Powered by 9.6 to 13.5vdc and power gets connected with standard servo extensions. System pulls 1.9amps fully illuminated. We recommend a 3s1p 2100mAh LiPo pack, this will provide power for over 30 minutes.

CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER  - Contact us for info

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