AfterDark L.E.D. Systems

RGB Series L.E.D.'s - By The Foot

One foot contains 18 Triple Chip Red Green Blue (RGB) L.E.D.'s, 120 Degree Viewing Angle.

Flexible Circuit material is White, 3M self adhesive backed.

Operating voltage is 9.6 to 13.5vdc or a 3S LiPo pack

LED output is 15 Lumens per LED Chip.

Strips have a common Positive and a Negative for each Red, Green and Blue LED Circuit.

The LED strips can be cut at a junction point spaced every 3 L.E.D.'s apart. Price is by the foot.

$14.99 per foot.

Controller available here.

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Cut Points spaced every 3 LEDs apart.

Tri-Chip Xtreme & RGB series on top versus

Single Chip Quality, Economy & Waterproof series.