AfterDark L.E.D. Systems

AfterDark L.E.D. Lighting Controller 2 Amp

(1) Receiver controlL.E.D. Light controller with JST battery input and power output connectors.

Capable of operating L.E.D.’s that require anywhere from 9vdc to 13vdc. 2 Amps is good for up to 15 feet of Single Chip L.E.D. Strips or 5 feet of Tri-Chip L.E.D. Strips.

Operating voltage is 12.6vdc or a 3s LiPo pack

The L.E.D. Lighting Controller plugs into an empty receiver channel and can be set to turn the L.E.D.’s Off, On and vary the intensity.

You just program your radio to control the receiver channel the Controller is on. You can set it up on a 3 position switch for instance and then program the 3 positions at 0%, 50% & 100%, or you can use a slider channel and vary the intensity yourself, or a 2 position switch to just turn them Off and On.

2 Amp Remote Switch - $19.99

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