AfterDark L.E.D. Systems

AfterDark L.E.D. Lighting RBG Controller

(1) 24 Key infrared remote and controller for use with our RGB L.E.D. Strips.

Capable of operating L.E.D.’s that require anywhere from 9vdc to 13vdc.

Controller rated at 2 Amps per Channel or Color. That is good for up to 15 feet of RGB L.E.D. Strips.

The Controller connects to the RGB Strips and has an Infrared receiver to accept signal from the Remote without fear of radio interference on either 72mhz or 2.4ghz systems.

Allows 15 selectable colors plus White, including a Dimmable down or up function, plus 4 preset programs... A slow fade through 7 main colors, a fast step through the 3 primary colors, a ramp up and down of all channels at once and a fast step through 7 main colors.

Can also be used as a 3 Channel chase controller to do unique layouts and patterns of Single Chip L.E.D. strips.

RGB 3 Channel Controller - $24.99

RGB LED Strips can be bought here.

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Traxxas Slash 4X4 with the Headlight / Tailight kit &

RGB Underbody Color Changing kit installed.


Same Controller configured as a 3 Channel controller.


And some video of the flight with the controller in action.